Customer Service

Our Customer service is established on the ground of empathy, pro-active attitude and care and respect for all. This department is a 24 hours/365days support service for patients and visitors.


In OPD area, Customer Service Officers provide information, registered patients; deliver reports of test and investigation and council attendants and visitors. In IPD, Customer Service Department presents pro-active service, Customer Service Officers visit cabin to cabin; hear patients’ voice about related service necessaries and amends instantly.


Information Desk

Located at the main entrance of the hospital, here, customers find directions to various departments and services, verification of admitted patient rooms, doctor’s details of outdoor service and answers others questions ahead of time. Customer service provider always stand aside of a confused customer for relief from hesitation, walk patient to patient asking their needs. This desk receives all outside calls of information.


Registration Desk

Registration desk assists patients for registration, answer query about outdoor consultant and other OPD related service facilities.


Report Delivery

Located on the ground floor

Time – 0900 to 1900 hours


IPD Patient Service

IPD Customer care service point is at level 5 lift lobby.

Customer service officer visits every cabin every day asking patient’s wellbeing, meet patient’s requirements and correct service shortfalls instantly on the point. Customer service assists to speed up a service; coordinate departments to resolve every single issue raised by the patient, supports maintaining patient service standards

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