Paediatric and Child disorders

Paediatric and Child disorders

Our services are provided to all age gropus from 0 days  up to 18 years

In out patient pediatric clinic provided various services  ranging from pediatric growth development , nutritional problem, ENT , respiratory problem like Asthma ,gastroenterology , neurology including cardiac problem

In patients service we are managing  different pediatric pt

Including diarrhea with severe dehydration , electrolyte

imbalance , pneumonia . critical febrile pt

All delivaries are being conducted in presence of pediatrician .


We have a well set up NICU and PICU

In NICU we are managing very small neonate including preterm to critical term neonates  also other facilities of NICU like phothotherapy exchange transfusion are available here


In PICU  non trauma cases like convulsions , respiratory difficulties due to any causes and other difficult cases are managed

Dr Tahmina Islam

MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics) Consultation Schedule

Dr. Rokhsana Haque

Consultant- Pediatrics & Neona... Consultation Schedule

Prof. Dr. Md. Amjad Ho...

Consultant - Paediatrics Consultation Schedule

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