Success Story

Head & Neuro Surgery

In a fine morning of 5th January '23, we were just a 20 mimute drive away from our beloved hospital & on the way I received a call from our Emergency Department. 

Community police rescued a young unknown boy at late night with unconsciousness. His Cervical spine, L/S spine, Chest, Abdomen, long bones of all limbs, Pelvis & Perineum all were found normal in the secondary survey as well as the radiological documents for legal evidence.

CT brain shows linear # at Rt temporal & parietal bone, AcSDH, EDH, tICH with ventricular effacement & midline shift. His GCS was just 4 out of 15, we hope he may arise at ED within the golden hour (4 hours from the incidence) but as we have already discussed, he is of young age but any other information regarding him is unknown.

consider his age, though he had no legal guardian till that time, we sought permission from our hospital Administration, they informed the local police station & civil surgeon's office, and we started a rescue life-saving operation. When the question of life & death emerges, there is no question of economic clearance or wasting time to find out or wait for legal guardians.

After a comfortable completion of the operation, it was just time to wait & watch for the observation. In our experience, inherently, the patient takes about 4 days to open their eyes (which indicates regaining consciousness) but his waiting time was prolonged & we needed to observe him closely at ICU for about 10 days.

By this time his family members came. We found out that he was a 17 years old gentleman, garment worker, who lives with his maternal grandparents, grandfather works as a security guard & grandmother is a garment worker. That night he was staying  at one of his friend's houses, taking dinner together, then going for a long drive with of his friends on a motorcycle without a helmet on the highway at late night, nearly 3 am. His mother serves at Jordan garment factory for the last 3 months & she is a single mother

Keeping track of all of these negative views, his burning young blood could not restrain his aggressive adventures and purposeless life.

So, in a nutshell, we pray & hope Respect our Almighty who gifted precious life Love yourself & your family Be gentle, polite & Pias  Follow traffic rules & regulations & finally, avoid addiction.

After primary rescue surgery Decompressive Craniectomy we underwent Reconstructive Cranioplasty with the patient’s own bone after 2 months & now neurologically he is fine & independent 

Keep us in your prayer & take care your family members.

Thank you.

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