Clinical Laboratory Services of SFMMKPJSH has become the biggest diagnostic laboratory in Bangladesh by virtue of its quality, reliability and prompt (TAT) turn around time. Clinical Laboratory and sample collection(phlebotomy) centre is located on the 1stfloor of the Hospital. Our laboratory is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You may wish to use our services at any time of day. A clinical diagnostic laboratory is more than the backbone of a treating physician; it is the very soul of diagnosis. As far as quality, accuracy and reliability goes, there is a huge difference between the clinical Laboratory services of SFMMKPJSH and other diagnostic facilities in the country.

Consultancy in Microbiology and Clinical Pathology done by qualified and experienced post-graduate medical personnel.This Laboratory organized by Microbiologist, Biochemist and Medical Technologists; who have well trained in country and abroad also have vast knowledge and experienced in the variation, pit-falls and loop-holes of lab reports. OUR LABORATORIES Clinical Laboratory Services of SFMMKPJSH located in level-2 of the hospital, has six laboratories with each lab under supervision of post-graduate doctors. The department has the following laboratories: Clinical Biochemistry Hematology Microbiology Immunology & Serology Clinical Pathology Histopathology

We use vacuum tubes to collect blood from our outpatients and inpatients. These tubes are labeled with our customized labels which are bar coded. This ensures that patient samples are not mix up. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM Clinical Laboratory Services of SFMMKPJSH is committed to assuring quality and maintaining IMS/ISO standards. The following are our quality assurance programs: Pre-Analytical Quality Control Patient identification by MRN and Patient name from registration paper. PPE/Universal precaution Collection of sample in appropriate vacutainer/ appropriate container. Bar code labeling system and transport to the lab. Analytical Quality Control Well trained person behind the machine and appropriate technology/ methodology. Internal Quality Control: Two levels of quality control reagents run every day in the hospital. Sometime batch wise, daily basis, weekly also done. External Quality Control Program with BIO-RAD, USA every monthongoingprocess, not started yet but we using BIO-RAD control reagents for internal quality purpose.

Proficiency Testing with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University & AFIP and ICDDRB. Post-Analytical Quality Control Finalization of test result by Consultant after viewing the history in WINLAB Effective communication: Critical Call Back, Sample rejection. Fastest Turn Around Time Emergency: Within 1 hour IPD: 1 hour to 2 hours Urgent basis : within 2 hours We have developed Critical Call Back protocol, which is regularly maintained in the hospital. We are proud to be the pioneer in Bangladesh to introduce the system of Critical Call Back in Clinical Laboratory Services SFMMKPJSH, which was highly appreciated by the survey/Audit team of integrated management system (IMS) on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations during our accreditation process.

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